Iota Refit | Saturday, March 8, 2008

I continued work on the new sea hood and coamings this morning.  Yesterday's glued-up assemblies had cured, so I prepared the sea hood frame to accept its top, and cut the top assembly to the proper size.  Then, I epoxied the top onto the frame, clamping it securely.


I cut the coaming blocks to the size and shape required according to my templates, and then removed the coamings from the boat so I could epoxy the blocks in place at the forward end.  I left this assembly to cure overnight.

Next, I worked on the mahogany frame for the new forward hatch.  Using the cardboard template I made as a guide, and then confirming the measurements with the actual hatch, I ripped some 8/4 mahogany to 2-1/2" wide, wide enough to support the hatch and allow for my planned 1" reveal around the edges, and cut four lengths as necessary to create the frame.  I epoxied the frame together and set it aside.


I finished up the day by preparing some fiberglass backing plates for some of the deck hardware that I planned to install soon.

Total time on woodworking projects today:  5.25 hours

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