Iota Refit | Friday, March 7, 2008

I spent the day working on building the new coamings and sea hood.  I began by making initial preparations to the wood:  edge-straightening as necessary and then cutting some of the boards to the appropriate size for their intended use.

Using the old coamings as a guide, I cut out the new coamings, trimmed the inside corners as necessary, and test-fit them in the boat.  I pressed the boards into place against the curved fiberglass coamings with a jacking rig, and then secured them with screws so they could begin to assume some of the curvature on their own, and also so I could continue with the construction of the forward coaming blocks. 

For the coaming blocks, I made cardboard templates of the shape required, and then glued up a blank of sufficient size and thickness for both coaming blocks.

Obviously, these coaming boards still have some final sanding and shaping ahead. 


Next, I turned to the sea hood.  After some initial measurements up on the boat, I cut a board to the correct width for the sea hood sides and front.  I cut a bevel on the bottom edge of each side piece to match the angle of the deck, and afterwards scribed and cut  the forward cross piece to match the deck camber.  I cut two limbers in each side piece to allow water to drain from inside the sea hood area and, after a test-fit, I glued up the frame with epoxy and set it aside to cure.

Then, I glued up a blank for the top from several mahogany boards and set that aside to cure as well.



Total time on the woodworking projects today:  6.25 hours

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