Iota Refit | Thursday, March 6, 2008

I finished up preparing most of the old deck hardware for its reinstallation and organized my new bonanza of stainless steel fasteners for the work.

A canvas shop contracted to build a new dodger got in touch with me today, and was ready to begin the project.  With this new time constraint, I planned to get right to work on the new coamings and sea hood, which he'd need in place for the dodger templating.  To prepare for an organized attack on these projects tomorrow, I got the old coamings and removed the blocks from their leading edges so that I could more easily use the old boards to template the new wood.  I also retrieved from storage the other wood blanks required for the sea hood and forward hatch frame, and looked forward to getting these projects underway.  The actual woodwork was straightforward, but with epoxy cure times it would take a few elapsed days to move these projects ahead enough so that they could be tentatively installed for the canvas shop.


Total time on the woodworking projects today:  .5 hours

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