Iota Refit | January 16, 2008

I quickly washed and lightly sanded the foredeck and chainplate areas that I'd addressed with epoxy yesterday, and after cleaning up prepared to install the fiberglass.  Over a couple hours, I installed the remaining glass over the core on the foredeck and chainplates, finally reclosing the deck after first opening it 9 days ago.



Afterwards, I refocused on nonskid scraping:  the cockpit still remained to be done.  Despite using the same techniques I employed before, I found that removing the nonskid from the cockpit areas, most notably the sole, to be much more challenging than most of the main decks had been.  Working in the confines of the space, I found it difficult to get the tools into the proper positions, and the resin-based nonskid material refused to peel away cleanly, instead coming off in very small clumps while leaving significant residue behind.  As a result, it took most of the remainder of the day to remove the material from the sole and seats, not including the cockpit locker lids, which I removed from the boat so that I could remove the nonskid later down on the bench.



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