Iota Refit | January 15, 2008

With another snowstorm to clean up, and a few related complications, I got a late start at around 1000.  I set right to work wrapping up the final details needing completion before I could install the new fiberglass over the core.  Since I hoped to install all the glass today, I began by briefly washing and sanding yesterday's epoxy, and vacuuming up the debris.  Then, I turned to the open pockets in the core that I'd left in the foredeck, and cut and installed fiberglass in these areas.

My thought process was that I'd prepare the foredeck areas in this way, and then, while waiting for the new areas to kick to a green state, I'd install the fiberglass over the side deck and chainplate areas; by the time that was done, the foredeck would be ready for fiberglass.  I finished up the foredeck areas in time for lunch break, leaving plenty of time in the afternoon to get all the new fiberglass installed according to my plan.


The best laid plans:  I didn't count on having a heat emergency in the shop.  My heating oil delivery was scheduled one day too late, as I found the hot water wasn't, and the oil tank on empty.  So I had to spend part of the afternoon collecting some emergency diesel fuel for the tank to get me through the day and night, and bleeding and resetting the burner to ensure heat.  Even though it was still warm in the shop, as the heat hadn't been out that long, I wasn't about to risk installing fiberglass until I knew the heat was back on.

In the event, I got the boiler going again and was assured of an early morning oil delivery, so I pressed on with the fiberglass, albeit a few hours later than I'd hoped to start.  Still, I managed to get the large sections of both sidedecks glassed, and ordered more epoxy for the work ahead.



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