Iota Refit | December 28, 2007

I continued with the hardware removal today.  I got started with a small bracket and clamshell vent cover on the transom, and then, anticipating the genoa tracks' removal, removed the fixed deadlight ports in the main cabin.  The ports appeared to be well bedded, but they had to come out.

I took pains to keep the mounting screws in their proper order as I removed the inner frames, since through previous experience and notoriety I knew each screw to be a specific and custom-cut length.  Once I had the inner frame removed, I removed the outer frame and glass, and then reassembled each set with the screws once again in the proper order for storage.


Similarly, I removed the six opening ports, which appeared to still be settled in their original gray bedding compound.  I labeled each port and reassembled each unit with the mounting screws in their proper locations to streamline as much as possible the reinstallation process later.


Afterwards, I removed--reluctantly--the genoa tracks:  there was no access to the bottoms of aftermost bolt or two on each side, but I saw no acceptable way of leaving the tracks in place, much as I wanted to.  They simply had to come off in order to repair and properly prep the decks for paint.  I cut the aftermost bolts after I'd removed all the other bolts and could pull the track up enough to saw through the bolts beneath the track.

With all the deck hardware removed and cataloged, I set up staging around the boat for access during the upcoming repairs and surface prep.  Once the staging was up, I removed the stainless steel rubrail from around the hull/deck joint, labeling each piece and storing them until later in the project.




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