Iota Refit | December 31, 2007

The final step required before I could begin sanding the decks was to remove the old sealant from the hardware locations, ports, and rubrail.  I wasn't sure what the old sealant was:  the characteristics suggested silicone in some ways and less contaminating (but unidentified) sealants in other ways.  To play it safe, I used scrapers to remove the sealant, scraping as much of the residue off the deck as possible.

Once I had completed scraping, I swept up the debris and washed the areas with acetone, particularly around the ports.  This work took all morning.


Afterwards, I installed some plastic over the port openings, forward hatch, and companionway to keep dust out of the interior during the heavy grinding work ahead.  I prepared my sanding tools and supplies, and had hoped to get started on the deck sanding, but cleanup from another large snowstorm occupied me for most of the afternoon.  I decided to just get a fresh start on the sanding on Wednesday morning.



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