Equinox Project | Friday, March 13, 2009

After removing some tape from the engine room and a few miscellaneous jobs, I decided to address fitting the new mast beam, though I wasn't quire ready to permanently install the aft set of bulkheads yet.  Still, there was no reason not to proceed with a temporary fit and getting the mast beam cut to size.

Using a couple screws, I secured the two bulkhead halves temporarily, and then used a cardboard template of the beam to mark where it would cross the two solid wood vertical supports at the inner edges of the bulkheads.  Removing the bulkheads, I cut out the section of the vertical support that would be in the way of the mast beam, replaced the bulkheads, and tested the fit of the cardboard.

Next, I trimmed the laminated beam to length according to my template, and made a test fit.  The ends needed to be beveled in order to fit in against the tapering cabin trunk (it's narrower as it goes forward, creating an angle), so I made a cardboard template of the angle and, over a couple test-fits and adjustment, corrected the shape till it looked right.

At this point, it was getting late in the day, or late in the amount of time I had available this day, as I had some other commitments, so I elected not to attempt to cut and fit the beam itself at this time, rather than rush through and possibly make an error.  So I set the beam aside till later.

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