Equinox Project | Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I spent a rather leisurely day taking care of the final pre-primer preparations.  I knew that some material I needed in order to begin the primer wouldn't be delivered to the shop till Wednesday mid-day, so working faster wasn't going to do much to accelerate the process.  Apparently my supply department dropped the ball.

I cleaned the topsides once more, and also specifically wiped the area just beneath the waterline tape so that new tape securing additional plastic and paper would stick there.  I draped plastic around the boat below the waterline, covering the trailer to protect it during the painting process, and then applied masking paper at the waterline.



I sanded the gelcoat on the rudder with 80 and 120 grits; the gelcoat was in good condition.  I also sanded the edges of the wooden cheeks, directly adjacent to the gelcoat, so that this step would be out of the way before the fresh paint was applied.  Later in the process, I'd strip the remaining wooden sections for refinishing.

With the sanding complete, and after cleaning up, I masked off the wooden cheeks on the rudder, and also the lower section beneath the waterline.  Since I didn't yet know how the rudder would line up with the newly-stuck waterline on the hull, I simply chose a random location lower than that which I'd ultimately need--in this case, the top of the existing lower stripe.  I'd strike the correct line later, once the rudder was rehung.


I wrapped up the day with some final cleaning in the shop, preparing painting materials for tomorrow, and another build coat of varnish on the main bulkheads and other pieces.

Total Time on This Job Today:  6 hours

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