Equinox Project | Friday, April 10, 2009

I picked up the newly-machined-and-shortened prop shaft and prepared to install it with its new Drivesaver.  Unfortunately, because the transmission flange on the TMC40 transmission is thicker than normal, the bolts supplied with the Drivesaver were not long enough to allow the nuts to thread fully on, so I had to abandon hopes of completing the shaft installation and order longer bolts for arrival on Monday.  Even easy things aren't easy.

Putting that disappointment aside, I moved on and wetsanded and polished the new gelcoat patches, completing that job.


For insurance and valuation purposes, the boat required a survey, and the surveyor arrived around 1000, at which point I left him to his task and went about some other business in the shop while he worked on Equinox.  He finished up around lunchtime, so afterwards I went back to work on the boat.

I spent the afternoon on several small details and wrapping up the work list (except for the prop shaft...).  The new Porta-Pottie, which had been on backorder, had arrived yesterday, so I installed it now.


I installed some terminal covers over the battery terminals as suggested by applicable installation standards.

I cut to length and installed a new stainless steel piano hinge for the companionway boards, to secure the top board to the middle board, and checked the fit on the boat.

I spent most of the remainder of the day's time on some general cleanup of the interior and elsewhere to remove any residual dust from the project and spruce things up.  I planned for the boat to remain in the shop through the weekend and into Monday as needed, until I could install permanently the prop shaft and coupling when my bolts arrived, after which time she'd move outdoors for a much-needed deck washdown to scrub the nonskid and to prepare her for her road trip back to the owner's home.

Total Time on This Job Today:  5.75 hours

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