Equinox Project | Monday, April 13, 2009

With the work more or less complete, I spent most of the day working on another boat in the shop while I waited for my shipment of longer bolts for the Drivesaver installation to arrive.  Once they arrived in the early afternoon, I completed the installation of the shaft and coupling, and spent a bit more time removing my final tools and equipment from the boat and preparing her to move outdoors tomorrow.

I also made a small change to the exhaust system.  The surveyor expressed a concern over the length and configuration of the hose leading from the exhaust riser to the muffler, which installation had been bound by the physics of the muffler location I originally chose (which was the same position as in the original engine's installation).  Because of the various obstructions in the space and other constraints, the muffler simply couldn't go in an ideal location, but after considering the options I elected to move the muffler to the opposite side of the engine room, which greatly shortened the hose length and improved the situation; now, the inlet hose led at least level from the bottom of the riser and slightly down towards the muffler.  The realities of available space often dictate less-than-ideal installations, but the new location was a far better compromise than the original position I had chosen..

I will post an additional update once the boat is outdoors and washed.

Total Time on This Job Today:  2 hours

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