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Ensign #1212 | Friday, June 13, 2014

Working with varnish thinned 1:1 with solvent, I applied the sealer coat of finish to all the cockpit woodwork and trim.  The old, dry wood greedily soaked up the varnish at a prodigious rate.  There'd be many more coats to come.  For the initial coat, I didn't worry about coating all sides of all pieces at once, but later I'd need to alternate sides of various pieces to avoid marring the finish on the down-facing side. 


The new cockpit seat slats for the starboard side would require some final fitting at their after ends, for which I'd need to temporarily reassemble the bench in the boat, so I'd work on that in the near future.

The bilge areas required a little more attention, particularly in the deepest part of the sump, where I'd not been able to sand during my initial rounds.  Now, I cleaned out this area and removed some old, loose fiberglass and other debris.  Some old filler in the main section of the bilge also had failed, and I chipped this out as needed, and sanded the whole area by hand to the extent possible before cleaning thoroughly with acetone.

To stabilize and seal these areas, first I applied some thickened epoxy filler to several areas to fill voids and smooth out the surfaces a bit.  Then, I installed a single layer of heavy biaxial fiberglass, wrapping it up the edges and adding a separate piece over the vertical step between the two areas.  I also smoothed over and encapsulated the remaining stub of the old ballast lifting ring that I'd cut off.


I removed the tape and paper from the new main bulkhead, and after a light sanding and cleaning, I remasked it to allow varnish on the field portions before applying the thinned sealer coat of varnish inside and out.



Total Time Billed on This Job Today:  5.75

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