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Ensign #1212 | Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Now that the bilge paint had had a chance to cure, I removed the masking tape, completing the paint work. 


With nothing else standing in the way of progress, I replaced the rebuilt cockpit sole in the boat.


I prepared six small pieces of biaxial tabbing, and secured the forward cross beams to the bare spots on the hull. Then, I tried to stay off the sole for the rest of the day, lest I jar things out of position before the tabbing cured sufficiently.


Once more, I sanded the leading edge of the keel, smoothing the fairing compound and completing the repair here.


Next:  more varnish on the seat slats, the top side this time (6 coats), and the cabin doors and vents (4 coats).


During an earlier stage of preparation, before priming the boat, I'd overbored and filled all the known fastener holes in the deck, and marked them for future reference.  So most of the hardware would not require this step at this point.  However, the new deck plates--two on the foredeck, and one on the aft deck--required the fastener locations to be overbored and filled with epoxy to isolate the fasteners from the core.

At each location, I masked around the new hardware, then marked the hole locations and used a 1/2" Forstner bit to remove the top skin and core from each location, leaving the bottom skin intact.  After cleaning up, I filled the voids with thickened epoxy.




Beginning on the poop deck, I worked to reinstall the deck hardware.  First, I masked around each piece to protect the nonskid, then drilled and tapped the fastener holes as needed for the new fasteners.  After cleaning up, I applied sealant and installed the hardware, cleaning up the excess sealant and removing the tape once complete.  I'd install the deck plate later, once the epoxy plugs had cured.




Total Time Billed on This Job Today:  7.25

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