1975 Dufour 27 Refit | Friday, September 26, 2008

In order to continue sanding the hull, I removed the dusty plastic from the top of the boat and sealed up the companionway and cockpit locker openings to prevent too much dust from entering these spaces during the remainder of the bulk sanding portion of the project.  Before closing up the interior, however, I removed the two hull ports.  The starboard side came out relatively well, as it was bedded in some sort of unidentifiable substance that didn't grip particularly tenaciously.

The port side, however, was thoroughly bedded in silicone, and since replacing the Lexan was  on the slate anyway, I didn't make any particular effort to save the old port--probably a good thing since it's unlikely it would have come out in one piece anyway.  I saved the pieces and reassembled them to use as a template if necessary.  I taped over the openings from inside.


I continued sanding the old Awlgrip off the hull, beginning with the transom--where, much to my surprise I discovered, after beginning to sand, that there was no paint on the transom.  I sanded it anyway and continued along the port side of the hull, working up to the molded cove strip recess and removing the topcoat down to the primer with 40 grit and most of the remaining primer with 80 grit, leaving just a bit here and there to avoid oversanding; later sanding steps would remove all the old primer and continue to smooth the surface.  Since the rubrail was still installed at this point, I saved the short area above the cove stripe for later.

Afterwards, I removed the aluminum rubrail on the port side and set it aside for reuse.


Total Billable Time on This Job Today:  5.5  hours

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