1975 Dufour 27 Refit | Monday, September 15, 2008

The boat arrived safely at the shop late last Friday afternoon, and I had the hauler set her outdoors for the moment since the shop was full of other boats, work on which would wrap up presently.

With fair weather today, and the boat still outdoors, I took the opportunity to thoroughly wash the hull and deck, not only to remove accumulated dirt from storage and from her transport last week, but also to begin the process of removing any remaining vestiges of mold release agents, waxes, or other contaminants.  I also documented the initial condition of the boat for posterity.

The hull appeared to have been painted professionally some time ago, but age and storage had taken its toll, and the paint was in poor condition with areas of chalking, crazing, flaking, and peeling.  The general substrate appeared sound, however.  The decks featured original gelcoat surfaces, with significant chalking and minor--but universal--crazing throughout.  There appeared to be a few areas in the deck requiring minor structural repair, particularly the hatches over the anchor well and cockpit lockers, which were soft underfoot. 

Next:  deck hardware removal and continuing assessment of the deck's condition, all to occur as soon as the boat gets her turn indoors.








Total Billable Time on This Job Today:  2 hours

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