1975 Dufour 27 Refit | Monday, October 20, 2008

I began with another round of sanding, cleaning, and refilling on the deck areas.  There were some shallow low spots in the filled holes in the cockpit (compass, instruments), so it would take one more round of the fine filler to complete those once and for all.

The rest of the deck areas were complete, other than the two new areas that I repaired at the end of last week.  These would require at least two more rounds of fairing compound to complete.

With the decks vacuumed up and the applicable areas solvent-washed as needed, I applied microballoons to the two newly repaired deck areas, and a light coat of Alexseal fairing filler to those areas that required it in the cockpit.


Moving on, I washed and sanded the new fiberglass on the transom "handholds", this time leaving sufficient material behind, and also sanded the new backstay platform extension to bring its surface down flush with the existing portion.  Then, after cleaning up, I applied microballoons to these areas as required.  I also hand-sanded several areas on the hull, including some filled repairs on the covestripe recess and around the recessed hull ports, to complete the work in these areas.

The prep work for both hull and deck was winding down quickly, and as soon as all the filling was complete I planned a final overall sanding to clean up the decks and take care of minor details.



I continued during the afternoon with the two cockpit locker lids and the anchor well lid.  I cut pieces of the new Corecell 5/8" foam core material to fit as needed, cleaned and otherwise prepared the hatches, and then installed the core in thickened epoxy adhesive, filling around the edges with more of the material.  I applied pressure to firmly seat the core in the adhesive, and then added some light weights to just hold things in position without flattening out the molded contours in the lids.  I left the newly-cored lids to cure overnight, and moved on to other projects in the shop as there was nothing more I could do on this job today.


Total Billable Time on This Job Today:  6  hours

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