1975 Dufour 27 Refit | Tuesday, October 7, 2008

After cleaning, I spent the morning sanding the smoothly-gelcoated surfaces of the deck forward of the cockpit, specifically the raised portion of the cabin trunk, seams between nonskid panels on the deck, and adjacent and related areas.  I sanded by machine and by hand with 80 and 120 grit; the myriad corners, nooks and crannies, and narrow strips dictated that most of the work was by hand.


During the afternoon, I continued the deck sanding, this time on the outer edges of the raised deck, toerails, outer deck edge, and adjacent areas, including the poop deck and aft hatch surround.  Again, I sanded with 80 and 120 grits, some by machine and much by hand.  Fortunately, the gelcoat was in good condition and had not been painted; still, there'd be a need for spot repairs of certain areas in a later step in the process.

There's zero definition in these photos, I know, but I left the sanding dust in place to show the progress.



Total Billable Time on This Job Today: 7.75 hours

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