1975 Dufour 27 Refit | Thursday, October 9, 2008

I turned to the cockpit today, sanding the entire area.  As on other parts of the deck, I sanded smooth the nonskid-patterned areas, leaving the raised sections in place.  Then, I sanded all the smoothly-gelcoated surfaces, including the inside of the cockpit well, the coamings and seatbacks, and the cabin bulkhead. 

At the end of the day, with the other sanding more or less complete (other than the gutters around the cockpit lockers, and the various locker lids and hatches themselves), I ground tapered areas around the holes in the cockpit that were slated for repair:  two compass holes, a couple instrument holes, the old AC receptacle hole on the cockpit coaming, and a large opening at the aft end of the cockpit.  Afterwards, I cleaned up the worst of the dust to prepare for some of the detail work and repair that would be required ahead on the decks.



Total Billable Time on This Job Today:  7  hours

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