1975 Dufour 27 Refit | Monday, October 6, 2008

I began work on the decks this morning.  My first step was to work on removing the existing--and original--molded nonskid pattern, which I accomplished by sanding it smooth with 40 and  then 80 grit discs.  On this boat, the nonskid areas were plateau-like raised areas set well above the level of the adjacent smooth areas.  As a result, I didn't attempt to sand the raised sections flush with their surroundings; instead, I concentrated on smoothing the nonskid pattern, while retaining the raised areas.  Sanding off the entire areas would have been unnecessarily time-consuming and difficult, and the new nonskid paint would occupy the same raised patterned areas as before--but without the molded texture.

Over the course of the morning,  I sanded the foredeck and sidedecks, as well as the small area serving as a coachroof.  I also sanded the nonskid areas on the cockpit coamings and other areas outside of the cockpit, leaving only the cockpit sole and seats untouched for the moment.

Unfortunately, I had to leave the shop in the afternoon for an appointment, cutting short my day's work, but it was a good start.




Total Billable Time on This Job Today: 4.25 hours

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