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Crème de Menthe | Monday, January 17, 2011

The long storage period had left the mast in poor cosmetic condition, with a filthy accumulation of well-adhered dirt and debris.  Earlier in the project, I'd determined that the mast would clean up fairly well, although with some effort.


With water, heavy-duty detergent, and a scrub pad, I worked on the mast to remove the well-aged dirt.  Although the underlying paint was scarred from sailing and storage, overall the mast turned out pretty well, and its appearance was significantly improved.  I also cleaned the boom and spinnaker pole, though those spars were in much better condition and cleaner to begin with.


The replacement mast boot had arrived, so I slipped it into place.

While awaiting some backordered hardware and sealant, I took care of most of the remaining small jobs on the work list, including  replacing some nasty corroded battery terminals with new connectors.  Because of the simple nature of the electrical system on this boat, the panel supply wires were small, so I used standard ring terminals.  Although the boat required a new battery, I held off on its purchase and installation till the spring.

Over the past week or so, I'd applied a number of coats of varnish to the newly-constructed traveler bridge, and this was now complete and awaited final installation once new fasteners arrived.

Finally, I filled the 1/2" holes I'd drilled beneath one of the cockpit cheek blocks with epoxy so that I could redrill the fastener holes and install the hardware in the near future.  Although deck repairs would be required in the future, in the short term it seemed better in this case to leave well enough alone, pending further decisions about the boat and the long-term plans.

Total Time on This Job Today:  3.5 hours

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