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Crème de Menthe | Thursday, January 13, 2011

After spending much of the morning cleaning up from the latest snowstorm, I got to work on the forward hatch.  The sealant had cured, so I removed the masking tape and protective coating from the new polycarbonate inside and out.  The first photo shows the reflection of the shop ceiling in the new plastic.


Next on the agenda was to clean up the hull.  The original gelcoat was in surprisingly good condition, but somewhat dirty and oxidized.  I was able to clean it up nicely with light polishing with fine compound.



There was an area of pre-existing cosmetic damage to the gelcoat at the starboard upper quarter, in way of the name on the side.  Here, it appeared that moisture from a tight covering had affected the gelcoat, causing the bubbles seen.  This was of little overall consequence, other than the simple fact of existence.

I spent what remained of the day on assorted odds and ends, including unpacking and preparing the latest shipment of new goods for the boat.

Total Time on This Job Today:  3 hours

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