Circe | Friday, March 12, 2010

To begin the day, I took care of the next steps in the lazarette hatch construction.  I took the frame, now glued together, up and set it in place around the inner lip of the hatch opening, and scribed the forward and after rails to match the curve of the deck, after which I cut the profile and tested the fit once more.


With the frame complete, I glued the top panel in place and set the assembly aside to cure.

I spent the remainder of the day installing the ceiling strips.  Starting at the top and working my way down, I cut and fit the strips in place, securing them with round-head  bronze screws.  I installed all the full-length strips on both sides before the end of the day, with just enough of a supply of clear, long pieces to complete the main installation.  I also ran out of bronze screws just before the end of the day; more were due on Monday, but to keep going I used some other screws to hold the strips temporarily.  Later, it'd be easy to replace the erroneous screws with the bronze ones.

Still ahead, I'd fill in the smaller lengths required to complete the installation on both sides, and add some trim pieces as required before applying many more coats of tung oil to complete the finish.  The strips of green tape seen on some of the strips demark the location of the wiring chases, so that I could avoid fasteners through those areas when I installed trim later.


Total Time Billed on This Job Today:  8.75 hours

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