Bolero Project | Thursday, March 27, 2008

With some errands and finishing up a couple things on another shop project during the morning, I didn't get to Bolero till after lunch.   During the afternoon, I first installed the two bulkhead trim pieces that I cut yesterday.  I secured these in place with epoxy and bronze screws, and formed small fillets around the edges where the mahogany trim met the hull, deck, and inside of the cockpit flange.  From the back (cockpit) side, I also filleted the area for strength and to ensure a proper seal everywhere.  Most of this won't be visible later on. 


Then, I repeated the overall process on the cockpit side.  Creating the two trim pieces went a little faster here since I had an early (and subsequently abandoned) piece of trim cut to generally the right shape and size to use as a sort of template, from which I could more easily determine how to size and shape the new pieces.  Still, though, it required several test fits and minor adjustments to get the trim to fit correctly.  Quite honestly, I was amazed how long it took to conceive, cut, and install all the various trim pieces associated with the bulkhead so far:  they are deceptively simple.

I installed the cockpit-side trim the same way as that inside the cabin, with epoxy and screws.  I added additional epoxy adhesive behind the trim in the area above the bulkhead termination, and similarly formed fillets around the edges to seal the joints and provide a smooth appearance.  Later, I bunged all the screw holes.



With the bulkhead 100% installed, finally, I used up the rest of the dwindling day by installing some fairing compound at the forward end of the existing cockpit liner, to transition where I'd cut away the liner to make way for the bulkhead tabbing.  I stuffed some of the compound into the gap between the liner and the hull, and then used a wide knife to form a smooth and wide fillet that bridged the 1/4"+ tall gap.  I also formed small cosmetic fillets at the base of the bulkhead where it met the cockpit sole.


Total Time on This Job Today:  3.75 hours

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