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Angelina | Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I lightly sanded the primed areas to prepare t hem for overcoating with the deck paint, then vacuumed and solvent-washed as needed.

I'd hoped (and expected) to apply the new nonskid, but in the morning (with fewer than 24 hours' cure time at about 60) the primer seemed softer than I'd like, so I postponed, hoping to paint in the afternoon instead.

By late morning, however, I determined that it would be best to give the primer till the next day to fully cure.  I didn't want to push things, and with a lack of experience using the KiwiGrip nonskid coating, felt that it would be smart to give things more time.  So I left the boat alone and worked on other things around the shop.

Total Time on This Job Today:  .25 hours

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