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Angelina | Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The primer had cured satisfactorily, so after some final preparations I got ready to start applying the nonskid paint. 

The owner had selected KiwiGrip nonskid coating, tinted to a custom color.  To ensure even color distribution, I combined the two cans and mixed them thoroughly before beginning. The manufacturer promised one-coat coverage.

Starting in the cockpit, I applied the paint as directed to the sole and seats, then moved on to the coachroof.  Once I'd finished these areas, I returned and removed the masking tape before continuing.  There seemed to be a "sweet spot" window of time during which tape removal was easy and effective.  Too soon meant the paint was too wet; too late (even after only an hour) meant the paint had dried enough to make tape removal more difficult.

Afterwards, I painted the sidedecks, foredeck, and poop deck, again removing the masking tape fairly soon after application.  I left some of the tape in areas that I couldn't conveniently ready (cockpit well), and also left vestiges of tape here and there that I'd remove later.






Total Time on This Job Today:  4 hours

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