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Angelina | Monday, April 4, 2011

I spent the day preparing the decks for hardware installation.

In many locations, hardware fastener holes would extend through areas of cored construction, so at each of these locations I overbored the fastener hole with a larger bit to remove the core in a wider area around the future fastener, boring through the top deck skin and core, but leaving the inner skin intact. 

After completing this task wherever necessary (chainplates and pulpit and stanchion bases were mostly outside of the cored part of the deck), I cleaned out the holes and masked around them, then filled the holes with a thickened epoxy mixture, leaving it to cure overnight.  Later, I removed the tape.



I cleaned out the other fastener holes as needed, and masked around the hardware in question.  I'd hoped to install the chainplates, which featured the worst access to the area beneath (and I was looking forward to having them done), but I discovered that the new fasteners I'd purchased were too short to allow full engagement of the nut threads, as I'd apparently overcompensated for the extra-long fasteners that had been originally installed.  I ordered longer fasteners for tomorrow, and instead wrapped up what I could of the remaining hardware preparation and masking.


Total Time on This Job Today:  5.5 hours

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