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Angelina | Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I spent the day installing deck hardware.  Through the course of the day, I prepared and installed most of the individual pieces of hardware on the sidedecks and foredeck, including all four mooring cleats, chain pipe, 5 of the six stanchion bases, and the fuel and waste deck plates.

I'd not filled or overbored the stanchion base holes (since they didn't penetrate deck core), and therefore reused the original holes, but for most of the other fittings I first drilled and tapped the new epoxy plugs from yesterday, using the appropriate size tap for the fasteners in each instance.  The, after heavily applying sealant, I installed each fitting with nuts, washers, and, where appropriate, backing plates, and cleaned up the excess sealant when complete.





New fasteners arrived for the chainplates, so during the afternoon I installed the starboard forward chainplate and the port forward and main chainplates; these three were the most difficult to access from beneath, as access was limited to small cutouts in the full molded interior liner, so I thought it'd be best to complete these first.


Total Time on This Job Today:  7.5 hours

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