Stanchion Layout

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January 22, 2020

Stanchion Layout

Proposed stanchion layout 1/22/20

The premise of this layout was to include a 24″ gate opening roughly amidships, or just aft of the aftermost chainplate location.

To begin, I adjusted the forward two sets of stanchions so that the length between their tops, and to the connection point on the pulpit, was equal.  I kept the second stanchion as close as practicable to the chainplates, while also taking into account the location of a small bulkhead inside the boat (defining the end of the port upper locker).

Then, I placed the third stanchion 24″ aft, to create a standard gate opening.  From there, I measured aft the same distance I had used forward, and this placed the fourth stanchion just aft of the winch island.  In my opinion, this is a good location for the stanchion since it keeps it more out of the way (the sidedeck is quite narrow forward of the winch island), and also leaves the deck forward of the winch clear for the jib sheet track installation.  Plus, the spacing interval remains consistent between the bow pulpit and each stanchion thereafter (other than the gate).

The spacing between the 4th stanchion and the stern pulpit is a bit shorter, but with the gate located where it is, and other considerations and conflicts, there is no way to make all the lengths exactly the same.  But this is the best place to have the inconsistent length in any event, visually and otherwise.

Note that I could, if necessary, adjust the gate position aft, but not forward without interfering with the stays.

These photos show the layout from as many angles as possible.

The placement of the 4th stanchion aft of the winch island also keeps the winch area clear for handle operation, with over 13″ between the winch location and the stanchion. There is still access to the shore power plug.

Were I to move the stanchion base forward of the winch island, I’d have to place it no further aft than shown here in order to allow winch handle operation (12″ or more).  This location also interferes with one of the toerail scupper locations, and would limit the options for placement of the jib sheet track.  All in all, for many reasons, the 4th stanchion works much better just aft of the winch island.