August West 10


August West, a 1986 22' Cape Dory Typhoon Sr.


Project Schedule: March 2020

Scope of Project: Strip failed finish from brightwork and leave bare; miscellaneous cosmetic and other upgrades

Project Complete:  61.5 total hours

Begin Daily Project Logs

March 24, 2020

August West 10


Satisfied with the boottop, I removed the masking tape.  The new striping wouldn’t look right till I could repaint the bottom in its contrasting color, but it was too soon to overmask the fresh paint on the bootop, so that would have to wait a day or so.

I wasn’t, however, happy with the sea hood, and decided it required another sanding and a 4th coat of the white paint.  Sometimes the smallest things are the fussiest.

This left me with few things to do for the moment, as I was awaiting getting the boat outdoors in her new colors before we could make final decisions on the cove stripe (whether or not to install one) and the eyebrow.  In the meantime, I spent a couple minutes fine-tuning the mockup eyebrow where it curved around the forward part of the cabin trunk, cleaning up some burbles in the first go-round.

The old sealant filling the gap between the motor mount and the trim beneath was in poor condition, and while I was stripping the wood earlier I’d removed much of the failed material.  Now, I reamed out the seam from inside and out (up inside the motor well), and applied a new bead of sealant to both sides.

Later in the day, I received some new supplies, including the shorter screws for the boom vang brackets on mast and boom, so I could complete those installations.

The new self-tailing add-ons arrived, and I installed those on the original winches.

Total time billed on this job today: 2.25 hours 

0600 Weather Observation:  32° , cloudy, 8″ new snow down overnight. Forecast for the day:  Becoming sunny, 51°