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Waanderlust--Phase IV | Monday, September 14, 2015

After wrapping up a few very small final jobs, like reinstalling the folding fiddles in the forward cabin and epoxy-coating the fiberglass patch over the depthsounder hole, I cleaned up the boat, removed my remaining tools, and then moved Waanderlust back outdoors.  Other than a few small jobs awaiting completion in the spring, mainly related to pre-launch commissioning, she was ready to go--pending completion of the new mast for spring, of course.


In the near future I'd build a new frame and cover her, but for now it was time to move on to the next project.

Total Time Billed on This Job Today:  2 hours

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0600 Weather Report:
Fog and clouds, 55.  Forecast for the day:  Clouds and sun, chance of a shower, 70s.