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Waanderlust Project | Thursday, September 23, 2010

I spent the first part of the day removing all the tape, paper, and plastic from the boat. 





Next, I installed a vinyl stripe in the molded cove in the hull.  Later, a red bottom would finish off the color scheme, but I had work remaining on the bottom and wouldn't be applying that paint for some time.



Thinking ahead to the ports' and deadlights' installations in the near future, I took a set of Swiftsure deadlight frames from a storage box; these frames had come from another Swiftsure, from which the owner had purchased all the hardware in bulk, and since we'd yet to locate the exterior deadlight frames that came out of Waanderlust long ago, I hoped to use the exterior frames to install the new glass deadlights in the main cabin.

The original frames featured two parts--an inner and outer component--that gripped the glass between them, and were secured to the original molded fiberglass cabin trunk with screws from the inside out, creating a blind fastener.  On this boat, the custom cabin trunk featured interior wooden trim pieces, against which the glass rested from outside, to be secured by, I presumed, a single metal frame.  These deadlights had already been removed by the time I saw the boat for the first time, so their exact installation and whereabouts was unknown to me.

However, I immediately discovered that both sets of the frames from the other Swiftsure were sized and shaped differently than the openings in the cabin trunk, which meant that I'd not be able to use them.  Four new pieces of glass seemed to be the right general size for the openings according to a brief test fit, but without the frames I wasn't sure exactly how they needed to fit.  Clearly, finding the frames that originally came off this boat was paramount, but although I scoured--again--the pile of equipment that was on board when the boat arrived, plus a large storage tote of bronze hardware, I didn't find the frames.

Total Time Billed on This Job Today:  4.25 hours

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