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Waanderlust--Phase IV | Friday, June 19, 2015

After a four-year pause in the project, during which Waanderlust rested under cover outdoors, it was time to get back to work and finish up a short--if immediately undefined--project list to prepare her for sailing once more.  The discovery, back in 2011, that the original wooden mast was beyond salvage had been one of a few factors that had precipitated the delay in completion, and during the hiatus I'd worked to keep her safely covered against sun and weather, renewing her tarps after about two years of full-time exposure.  The current tarps were still holding together, but would require replacement if the boat were to stay covered much longer, and wouldn't survive another winter.

In the event, the owner decided that it was time to start up the project again, had already committed to contracting a new mast (ready for 2016), and this otherwise worked out well with my existing schedule, so with the shop opening up I decided to move her indoors, even though, with other irons in the fire for the immediate work week, I wouldn't be starting work for several days.  To begin, I removed the tarps, exposing the boat for the first time in two years (when I'd last renewed the tarps).  She was dirty, but otherwise looked quite good for just sitting for four years.  Keeping her well covered during that time had paid off.  The interior was dry and clean and as I'd left things.


I didn't really have the right cleaning products on hand for the nonskid, but felt it made sense to give the decks a bath before going indoors anyway.  This removed the "solid" dirt, as it were, but without decent soap now the nonskid would require some additional attention later.


Afterwards, I moved her into the shop, where she'd await my attention soon.  The first order of business would be to finalize the work list, as it'd been such a long break that both the owner and I would need to reacquaint ourselves with what was still needed.


Total Time Billed on This Job Today:  2.5 hours

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0600 Weather Report:
Sunny (missed the temperature observation).  Forecast for the day:  Sunny, near 80.