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Waanderlust--Phase IV | Monday, August 17, 2015

I continued work on the port side wiring runs, leading through the remaining wires required up forward, where I left ample extra for final routing and connection, as with additional work to come soon in the head I couldn't finalize the wire runs just yet.  With these and some shorter wire runs into the galley cabinet, where there were several 12-volt outlets that I could finalize, most of the raw wiring was complete, and I could begin to tighten and tie up the wire runs along their runs.  The next steps would be to start sorting and terminating all the wire pairs leading to the panel location in the galley.



There were various fixture installations I could finish off now--some of the lighting fixtures--and, in the case of the galley's pair of overhead lights and after settee lights, needed to install so I could run the surface-mounted wiring required.  I hid the wiring in white flexible conduit, and placed the galley lights behind the conduit since--oddly--that's where the manufacturer chose to lead out the wire pair from the base of the lights.


Next to the DC panel area, there was room for the small AC panel and an AC outlet.  Planning ahead for both installations, I began by marking and cutting out the opening for the panel, and temporarily installing the panel for alignment purposes.  Then, I marked the location for the outlet; I still had to pick up an outlet box, so until I had that on hand I wouldn't make the cut in the bulkhead, but I had the general area prepared.


Total Time Billed on This Job Today:  7.75 hours

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