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Tytanic | Tuesday, April 1, 2014

During the first part of the day, I applied the third (and final, for now) coat of finish to the exterior teak.  Before starting the day's finishing work, I reglued a section of the cabin sole that had separated from its substrate.




One of the small additions the owner requested was a simple jiffy reefing system.  For the forward end of the system, I purchased a little reefing hook assembly that fit nicely with the existing hardware setup at the boom end, secured in place with the existing pin at the gooseneck.  Depending on the sail's configuration, either the new tack pin, incorporated in the reefing hook fitting, or the existing pin just aft could be used for the sail's tack, and the other rendered obsolete.


I had some hardware ready to go at the aft end of the boom for the reefing line, but was awaiting a measurement of the length of the reefed foot before proceeding with that particular installation.

The owner also requested a boom vang, so I purchased two bails designed for the spar sections in question, and installed them with machine screws and Tef-Gel to provide a mounting location for a new 4:1 boom vang tackle.


The spreader tips were covered with a horror show of old tape, which I now removed and cleaned up to make way for new spreader boots.



The original Windex at the masthead had been functional, but in pretty poor condition, so with the owner's go-ahead I replaced it with a new one, installed here only for a photo opportunity; for now I removed it for safekeeping till the boat left the shop.

As a final step to seal the patch on the keel, I applied a coat of plain epoxy resin over the fairing compound.

Late in the day, the woodwork had dried enough for me to remove all the masking tape.




Total Time Billed on This Job Today:  6

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