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Bugs (Formerly Surprise) | Thursday, October 28, 2010

I continued the varnish process by lightly sanding yesterday's sealer coat.  Afterwards, I vacuumed, solvent-washed, and tacked off the teak, and applied a second coat of varnish, this time with less thinner than the first coat.




One of the small remaining tasks was to build a simple cover for the galley countertop, to replace the two-burner alcohol stove and its recessed  pan.  The owner decided to remove this stove, at least for now, and we elected to replace it with a simple wooden cover.

To match the interior cabinetry, I chose teak for the cover.  From some stock thicker than I needed, I resawed several thinner boards from which to glue up the panel.  Since the stock was still in its rough state, I ran the boards through the planer to bring them to 1/2" finished thickness.  Finally, I glued up three boards to make a blank for the new top, and left the assembly to cure.

Total Time on This Job Today:  4 hours

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