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Bugs (Formerly Surprise) | Monday, November 8, 2010

It was a bit of a slow day on the project as I awaited various deliveries, particularly the new engine, which, after its unexpected delay last week, was due sometime later in the week.

I spent some time in the morning wrapping up a few of the items on my list.  The teak cover for the old stove opening in the countertop was complete, so I installed it with four screws, making it easily removable for access beneath, or if one wished to reinstall the stove.

I removed masking tape from the cabin sole, completing the job.


Digging through a pile of gear I'd removed from the cabin on the first day of the job last month, searching for the wooden shroud rollers (which needed a maintenance coat of varnish), I discovered the tiller, which was black and weathered like the other exterior teak had been; I'd not addressed this during the initial refinishing job, so I sanded it clean and smooth, and applied a sealer coat of varnish.  The bronze tiller strap featured peened fasteners and wasn't readily removable, so I masked it off.


I made up a small teak panel to cover the inside of the old depthsounder hole in the cabin, matching the one I'd made earlier for the outside.  After sanding it smooth, I applied a sealer coat of varnish, and then applied an additional coat of regular varnish to the exterior panel.


The owner decided to proceed with the installation of a basic shore power system that I'd estimated earlier, so I ordered the various materials I'd need to complete the job, along with a few additional items needed for the pending engine and control installation.

Total Time on This Job Today: 3 hours

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