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Summer Song | Thursday, October 27, 2011

I began final preparations for high-build primer by cleaning the shop, vacuuming the boat, and solvent-washing the decks to remove dust.  Afterwards, I spent the day masking, beginning by covering from beneath all the open bolt holes and other openings in the deck. 

Then, I started in the cockpit and masked off everything that wasn't to be painted, moving on to the coachroof and cabin trunk by the end of the day.  Ahead remained the toerail and starboard cabin trunk, plus covering the hull against overspray, which I'd complete in the morning.

In case anyone is wondering, I was unable to remove the tiller, which is why it's still in place after all this time.  After working around the unwieldy stick for a few weeks, I sure wished I could have, but the tiller strap was riveted in place, and I couldn't remove the bolt securing it to the tiller head either, at least not without damaging the bolt or worse.




Total Time on This Job Today:  7.5  hours

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