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Summer Song | Wednesday, May 22, 2013

With the painting complete, I spent the morning removing tape and plastic, and squaring things away in the shop.  I set up the staging again to allow ease of untaping the deck edge, and for future covestripe and name installation, which I'd do in a few days.


Later, I moved the mast out from its winter storage area so I could do a few things.  The owner requested that I install some bird spikes on the spreaders to combat a bad sea bird problem in his local harbor.  A series of old zip ties already on the spreaders served as testament to the problem (as did the stains on the deck).  I temporarily installed the spreaders to make work easier.


After removing the old zip ties, I installed stainless steel bird spikes, using several machine screws to hold them in place as needed.  These would be easily removable if desired, and I used no more fasteners than I thought necessary for the job.  Afterwards, I removed the spreaders for transport, securing them carefully to the spar.  Whether these spikes worked for birds would remain to be seen, but they certainly seemed to work for me:  I didn't want to get anywhere near them again.


There were a couple more zip ties at the masthead, and since I had some of the spike material left over, I installed another length on the top of the mast.


In other works, I looked over the existing engine installation--a huge red monster--and noted various details for future reference, with a repower planned later in the year.  I also added some detergent and water to the bilge to emulsify and hopefully soak it clean to remove some oil residue.


Total Time on This Job Today:  5.75 hours

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