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Spectre | Monday, March 10 2014

The ice aboard was melting slower than the Greenland ice cap, so clearly if I wanted to ever get anything done I needed to help it along.  In the several days the boat had been inside, I'd seen some melting, but the visual size of the ice plugs had not changed.  So, back at the shop after a morning appointment, I got to it.

Some of the smaller pieces, mainly on the port side, were at the point that I could get them over the side and to the floor without damaging myself, the boat, or the floor. 


With the port side and cockpit clear, and better access now to the starboard side, with some effort, and a bit at a time, I managed to break up the huge ice plug that extended from the bow pulpit to the forward part of the cockpit on the starboard side.  I shattered it into manageable, safe-sized pieces and shoved it all to the floor, where I eventually pushed all the chunks out of the shop and later disposed of them.  

Now that all the deck was clear, and the tarp out of the way, I could see there had been no framework installed between the mast and the lifelines (a very complicated pile of old framework was stored in the cockpit and on the sidedecks), leading to a flat, unsupported tarp which had naturally pooled and collected the season's snow, rain, and ice.  Fortunately, it did not appear any damage had occurred.


For scale, this is a 3' crowbar and an XL-sized glove.


Afterwards, I had to rinse off the boat, which was filthy with debris from her previous storage arrangements before arriving here, and, now relieved of her immense icy burden, I could finally level her out on the stands.  Now things could dry out and warm up a little, and I could get going on the project.


Total Time Billed on This Job Today:  
2.25 Hours

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