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Southerly | Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Picking up where I left off, I finished up the masking in the passageway and forward cabin, covering various areas to protect during the upcoming sanding and painting process. 



Afterwards, I spent the bulk of the day sanding the overhead, under the sidedecks and foredeck, and the various bulkheads to be repainted.  The surfaces were in good condition (the bulkheads were veneered with older gloss Formica), but everything needed to be scuffed up to remove gloss before priming.  I used 120 grit paper by machine and hand as needed, and strove to remove all gloss and provide an even substrate.

At the aft bulkhead, where I'd patched old instrument holes, I sanded the new patches as needed, bringing their edges flush with the surrounding areas, and then, late in the day, applied a coat of fairing filler; the space was impossible to work cleanly in, and I found I couldn't trowel the material effectively as the tool handles kept hitting one or more of the adjacent surfaces no matter which way I tried, or various curvatures affected the blades on the surface, so I had no choice but to apply the compound more heavily than I normally would, trying to keep it as smooth an even as possible with smaller tools, and to rely more on sanding the area into shape rather than properly troweling it into its final contours.  I also filled a few small screw holes here and there in other areas of the overhead and bulkheads.







With a little more sanding to complete on the newly-filled areas, and the lateness of the day, I left cleaning up the sanding mess till the 'morrow.

Total Time Billed on This Job Today:  7.5

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