Skeedeen | Thursday, April 15, 2010

There was sufficient varnish on the hatch frame, so I completed the forward hatch installation.


Inside the boat, there was an exposed edge inside the hatch opening, where I'd removed some trim that was too thick to allow this hatch to fit within.  To cover the edge, I milled some thin, narrow trim pieces, cut them to length, and installed them around the perimeter.


Finally, I secured the last sanitation hose connection--the connection to the deck pumpout fitting, which I'd been unable to reach well enough in order to gain leverage.  Part of the problem had been the fact that the hose simply wouldn't stretch over the barbed fitting without substantial pressure.  To get around this, I removed the deck fitting, pared down the oversized, over-aggressive barbs from the hose end of the fitting and, after testing its fit on the hose where I could reach it, reinstalled the deck fitting and, with the help of a long-handled broom for some additional leverage, managed to press the hose properly onto the modified fitting and clamp it in place.

With that, the project was complete.  Well, almost, anyway.

Total Time Billed on This Job Today:  2.25 hours

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