Skeedeen | Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I had to be away from the shop on other business during the morning, so my time was limited to the afternoon hours.  After a quick session of work on another boat at the shop, I turned to the new wooden hatch frame required for Skeedeen's forward hatch.

The frame didn't need to be tall, since the camber of the coachroof was minimal, so I built it from 4/4 Honduras mahogany stock.  To begin, I cleaned off some old sealant from the hatch:  this hatch had been installed briefly in another boat and still had vestiges of the old sealant in place.

Afterwards, I cut pieces of the mahogany to length as required to make a simple box frame, test-fit it around the hacth spigot and on the deck of the boat, and glued it together with epoxy before installing, with more epoxy, angled corner blocks on the insides of the joints to reinforce the joints and also fill a critical gap between the rounded hatch frame and the square sides of the wooden frame.  I left the frame to cure overnight.


I spent the remainder of the afternoon preparing for the upcoming seasonal brightwork maintenance.  I removed three pieces of trim from around the bottoms of the cockpit coamings, since they'd be easier to varnish on the bench and were easily removable, then taped around the forward part of the cockpit and the windshield, along with the engine box and other areas.  Tomorrow, I'd continue masking the remainder of the brightwork so I could begin the two maintenance coats I anticipated things requiring.


Total Time Billed on This Job Today:  3.5 hours

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