Sea Glass Refit | April 25, 2007

Today, Steve Morse dropped the boat off here at the shop shortly before noon.  Once she was inside, I began work by setting up my staging around the hull to allow for comfortable work on deck, and then documented the current condition of the decks with photos.

The decks were partially repaired over the course of a few months last summer by the boat's owner, Mike, and my task ahead was to complete the repair work, as well as fair and paint the decks. 







Next, I removed any final bits of hardware that remained and would be in the way of the work ahead.  Mike had done a great job getting the boat ready for me by removing most of the hardware, as well as the rubrail and ports, and all that remained for me to remove were a few random pieces, such as a pair of winch handle holders in the cockpit, the cockpit deck hatch, scupper drain screens, and the cockpit locker lid hinges.

In addition, I removed the sliding companionway hatch so that it could be properly painted along with the other hatches, and also to expose the deck area beneath.  I decided to leave the wooden companionway trim in place, since removal and replacement of these unobtrusive pieces seemed an unnecessary expense of time.

I had hoped to remove the engine controls, but the screws were welded in place in the aluminum housing with corrosion, and again I decided it wasn't worth the substantial effort to remove.

With that, the boat was just about ready for the real work to begin.


Total Time on This Job Today: 2.25 hours

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