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Sailmaster 131 | Thursday, August 29, 2013

With its large opening, and the core removed, the cabin top had become rather flimsy, so I built a simple support structure in the cabin to hold it in its proper position during the recoring steps ahead.


After cleaning all the areas under repair, I patterned the coach roof and cut new 3/8" balsa core to fit as required.


After final preparations, I installed the new core, beginning with the large area that wrapped around the companionway.  Before beginning, I applied epoxy resin to both sides of the core pieces to soak the scrim and the exposed side before installation.  Then, I installed thickened epoxy adhesive inside the overhanging edges of the space, and inserted the slim pieces of core I'd cut for those areas before spreading additional epoxy adhesive with a notched applicator and pressing the remaining core into place.

To press the core securely into the adhesive, I weighted the whole area with sand bags.


I continued the process with the three smaller sections of coach roof core, completing that area.  My sandbags were in rough shape after many uses.


Later, I created patterns of the remaining areas on the sidedecks and poop deck, and cut out the new core from 1/2" balsa.  I left squares around the chainplates on each side, which I'd later fill with solid fiberglass.




After pre-treating the core with resin, I installed four of the smaller sections using the same techniques as on the coachroof.  I didn't have enough weights, so I left the large starboard sidedeck section for another time.


Total Time Billed on This Job Today:  8.25 hours

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