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Patience | Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Awaiting various products that would allow me to continue with some of the other work on board, I turned to the table bracket.  The ends of the table-side piece were so mangled (the track was just aluminum) that I decided the best approach would be to trim the ends somewhat, removing the worst damage.  At each end, I trimmed off the damaged track just outside of the last screw holes, and cleaned up the cut ends.



Afterwards, I cleaned up both sides of the rail, looking for a smoother operation.  Not being familiar with how the system worked, my initial thought was that the pieces had to slide together, which was challenging despite cleanup and silicone spray for lubrication, but eventually I determined that the parts didn't slide together, but sort of hinged together, which made everything much better and more logical.

Satisfied with how the parts mated, given the limitations of the material and the design in the first place, I reinstalled the two sections and tested the operation, which seemed fine, though with the heavy, awkward table it was immediately obvious how the tracks had been damaged in the first place.


After working through a few more details of some of the upcoming projects, for which I awaited new materials, I turned to other ongoing projects in the shop for the remainder of the day.

Total Time Billed on This Job Today:  2 hours

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