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Ms Lynne G | Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I spent the first part of the day applying a coat of primer to the interior overhead, down as far as the molded liner system. 






I lightly sanded the two aft deck hatches to clean up the newly-epoxied edges and wrap up preparation work on these pieces.


I'd removed various smaller pieces of trim and woodwork from the boat, and since I couldn't do any work on the boat itself while the paint was drying, it was a good time to start cleaning and sanding the removable woodwork (including swash boards, icebox lid, companionway trim, and shelf fiddles) to prepare it for refinishing--all sides, working through the grits to 220.  The cockpit coamings and toerails would be replaced with new wood later.  I also stripped the finish from the tiller and sanded it clean and smooth.

The teak icebox lid had a weird bolt as its lifting device, and I removed this since we planned to replace it with a different sort of hardware.






Total Time Billed on This Job Today:  
7.25 Hours

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