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Ms Lynne G | Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The coamings now had at least six coats of varnish (seven on their outboard sides), which was my normal buildup, and with this coat looking good, and the project just about at a close, I removed the masking tape before moving on to the final few pieces of deck hardware remaining:  new jib sheet winches; new jib sheet cleats; and the mainsheet hardware.   

For the mainsheet and winches, I installed the fittings in a bed of sealant and secured them with new fasteners.




I installed 6" bronze cleats on the coaming for the jib sheets, locating them in more or less the same spot as the originals had been on the old coamings and securing them with bronze bolts.



This completed the work on deck, and I cleaned up a bit for the final pictures.






Later, I installed the tiller and companionway boards.


Inside, after a final cleaning, I installed the new cushions, wrapping up the interior work.  The interior of this boat is difficult to photograph well.  I didn't trust the little hook on the forward hatch to stay in place during transport, so I installed a plastic wire tie instead to hold the hatch in place for now; I also planned to secure it from above.



This wrapped up work on the project.  She'd stay in the shop for a couple more days, awaiting a meeting with her owner before being picked up late in the week, headed ultimately for Wisconsin.





Total Time Billed on This Job Today:  3

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