Kaholee Refit | September 14, 2007

We took yesterday off from attempts to work on the boat so that I could take Allen sailing and remind him (as if it were necessary) of the reason behind doing all this work to Kaholee.  It was a beautiful fall-like day, with nearly perfect conditions.  I think Allen enjoyed himself.

This morning, we had only a little time this morning before I had to head off for another commitment.  In the short time we had, I wanted to mock up the anchor handling setup on the bow while Allen was still here, to better determine the windlass placement and the room available for bow cleats or, preferably, a larger bitt.  The lower photo below shows the basic arrangement of the anchor platform (anchor rollers not installed) and the windlass.

Afterwards, I installed the three new deck plates, for which we prepared holes the other day.  Installation was the usual straightforward process of cleaning up the hole as required, predrilling the screw holes, boring a slight countersink at the deck surface for each hole (to hold additional sealant right next to the screws), and finally installing the hardware in substantial beds of polysulfide sealant.

All in all, it wasn't the most productive week in terms of overall progress on completing the boat, but we did take care of much of the final shopping and location of various items, as well as determining several additions to the scope of the project that I hadn't anticipated, but which were timely nonetheless.  Armed with the new projects and other information, the path to the ultimate completion of this project by mid-late October, and the launching and rigging in April-May of next year, seemed clear.


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