Kaholee Refit | September 12, 2007

It was a rather sad excuse for a work day.  I spent an hour or so in the morning working on another materials order and looking for some specific items that eventually proved fruitless.  Then, with Allen's quick trigger finger on the shopvac controls, I reamed out some of the core around the holes in the decks that I drilled yesterday for the three deck plates (two water fills and one holding tank discharge) and overboring the fastener holes for these plates.

Shortly thereafter, we had a shop visitor and spent most of the day chatting, including a long lunch.  The talk was mostly boat-related, so in some way it was probably beneficial.

Afterwards, we barely managed to finish preparing the three holes and fill the newly-reamed edges with thickened epoxy to forever seal the surrounding core from the potential for moisture infiltration through these deck fittings.

Total Time on This Job Today: 8 hours

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