Kaholee Refit | September 9, 2007

Allen arrived late yesterday, and we spent most of the day today working on and talking about the boat.  In terms of work and actual progress, we didn't get that much done, but we talked through a number of the upcoming installations and answered many of my questions about the locations or details of one thing or another.

For example, we determined that the portable Engel refrigerator, when installed at the end of the pre-made cushion on the port settee in the saloon, left sufficient room at the head of the berth behind the bulkhead to allow the Newport cabin heater to be installed--something I had been concerned about since I had assumed that the refrigerator would be basically tight to the bulkhead.  That was good news, though it was less good news to discover at this point (6 months after delivery) that a secure mounting system for the refrigerator that had been ordered along with the refer had not arrived here.

We also determined locations for the 110 volt, 30 amp shore power receptacle in the cockpit; a city water connection for the water system that I hadn't known was to be installed; and the instruments and ancillary electronics, some of which required an additional panel in the cabin, adjacent to the nav station, so that they could be flush-mounted for best appearance and efficient use of space.  To this end, we made a cardboard mockup of the panel, and also added to the parts-needed shopping list.

Finally, with part of the newly-ordered traveler system still in transit (the track itself), we mocked up the new bridge traveler system for mid-boom sheeting on the cabin top so that it would be in place when the canvas guys came tomorrow morning to begin the process for the new dodger and other canvas.

Here's the happy owner with his boat.

Total Time on This Job Today:  8 hours

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